Friday, 20 October 2017

More INKtober sketches

Hello friends,

I'm enjoying the INKtober challenge and managing to keep up with the sketching daily even though I am a day behind in posting them on Instagram.

For this one, I used the official INKtober prompt for Day 13/31 - TEEMING. As we were getting torrential rain that week, it was only fitting that I sketched it.  I used Strathmore Grey-toned paper with Sumi ink and a wee touch of gouache for highlights.

I did this next one on Strathmore Tan-toned paper using Bombay and Sumi inks with some gouache to highlight. The Cheetah was one of my favourite animals as a child....I loved that they could run a mile a minute. I guess this one suited the official INKtober prompt for the day too - FIERCE although I see them as quite a graceful animal - Day 14/31.

Day 15/31 - A Siamese Fighting fish A.K.A. Betta fish. This one is my son's fish which I took a photo of.  I love his colours...sketched with Platinum carbon fountain pen, PITT pen, plus Sumi and Bombay inks.

Day 16/31 - A rabbit. I took some process photos for this one...starting with a loose pen sketch on Strathmore tan-toned paper

First layer which is a mix of Bombay and Sumi inks

Second layer with inks

And the end result....more detail and layering. White gouache for highlights.

More INKtober sketches to follow soon...

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Scribble Picnic - Fill in the blank

Hello fellow Scribble Picnickers,

I've had a pretty rough day...feeling unwell and having to take medication to ward off a pending migraine. I'm a little foggy-headed as I type this so please forgive any errors.

This week's prompt was a 'fill in the blank' —

I've enjoyed working with the tan-toned paper for INKtober so thought I'd use it for today's sketch as well. Castles kept coming to mind so that's what I went with. Sketched with a Platinum Carbon fountain pen and coloured with a mix of INKtense and Prismacolor pencils. I was channeling well known Urban Sketcher - Pat Southern Pearce.

To see what my Picnic pals have done for this week's prompt, click HERE.
To find out how to join us each week, click HERE.

And a laugh for today —

Those who follow my blog regularly will know that Jack, our Jack Russell/Shihtzu, detests having a camera or smart phone pointed in his direction. Well, yesterday, I caught him watching me, and he looked so darned cute that I had to try. Poor little man is blind in his left eye (cataracts and age) so he didn't realise what I was up to at first and I managed to actually get a fairly decent shot of him.

Within literally two seconds, he spotted my phone and was on the move...a blur!  THIS is what most of Jack's photos are like. haha

I will post more INKtober sketches tomorrow so stay tuned...

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

More INKtober sketches

Hello friends,

I'm taking a break from portraits for the moment so here is a bit of variety for you...

Day 8/31 - I have been using these Dr Ph. Martins inks along with some Sumi ink in a few of the following sketches. I like the range of tones I can get with them.

Day 9/31 - A penguin sketched on Strathmore Tan toned paper with Sumi ink, a Pentel pocket brush pen and a few prismacolor pencils

Day 10/31 - A rat sketched on Strathmore Tan toned paper with Sumi ink, Bombay ink, and Faber-castell Polychromos white pencil

Day 11/31 - Why a frog in meditation? Well firstly, I had decided I wanted to sketch a cute, illustrative frog.  Then, after watching a documentary on George Harrison the night before with my son, and I noted that George Harrison was big into meditation and the Hindu faith so, I thought...why not sketch a meditating frog. Note the 'Peace' sign necklace she's wearing? Sketched on Strathmore Tan toned paper using ink, watercolours, and Pentel pocket brush pen for stripes.

Day 12/31 - A teddybear sketched on Strathmore Tan toned paper using Bombay and Sumi inks, a brown ballpoint pen, and gouache for highlights. The bow is done with watercolours.

That's it for now until the next INKtober post.

Scribble Picnic is tomorrow and I still haven't a clue what I'm going to do for the challenge. YIKES!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

More INKtober portraits

Hello friends,

I did a few more Sktchy portraits for INKtober. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen these already as I've been posting my INKtober pieces over there daily.

Day 5/31 - Kieran via Sktchy

Day 6/31 - Carolina via Sktchy

The rough pen and ink sketch first

More layers and detailing

Day 7/31 - Ellie via Sktchy

Stay tuned to see more INKtober posts....hopefully tomorrow.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Another INKtober portrait - Aaliyah

Well, I haven't managed to post daily but I have been sketching daily for INKtober. YAY!

That said, I have been posting daily over on my Instagram profile — click HERE.

To continue where I left off...

Aaliyah was an up and rising star as a singer and an actress when, at only 22 years of age, she tragically died in a plane crash on August 25th, 2001. That day, Aaliyah and her film crew had finished filming for a music video in the Bahamas and, afterwards, boarded the Cessna plane to head back to Florida. Unfortunately, the plane had weight in excess of the allowable amount and the pilot had falsified documents so was not even qualified to fly the plane. It took off but quickly nose-dived and crashed at the end of the runway exploding into a fireball. All nine people on board died.

My son, Beau, was devastated because Aaliyah was his favourite singer/actress. He was only 14 at the time she died and he took it very hard. He was in denial for weeks and kept asking if she could have made it to safety. In his mind, he had so desperately wanted her to miraculously escape and took him a long time to come to terms with her death. I felt so bad for him and felt helpless to ease his pain. Beau still feels that Aaliyah's songs speak to him and they have helped him through lots of emotional and difficult times over the years.

Needless to say, I felt under extra pressure with this sketch of Aaliyah because, when it comes to all things Aaliyah, Beau must give his stamp of approval and — luckily for me, he did.

The first couple of layers of ink

And the final result

Tribute video - Click HERE if the video doesn't work

I will post more from my INKtober sketches tomorrow so check back then...
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